John: Collaborative Urbanist

“The death of the artist is one where the Local Authority informs and stipulates the space that creative people have to move into. The successful spaces will be the ones that are artist-driven.

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Duncan: Artist

The greatest challenge is to replace artist-occupied buildings which are disappearing in central London… Sometimes the exclusion of artists from areas that they’ve lived in for a while or worked in for a while, is so obvious that even the authorities notice.”

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Honoré: Urbanist

”Planning policies should be changed to promote temporary use of vacant buildings and spaces.”

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LB: Media Artist

LB media artist“Right now, I’m really enjoying low-key, small scale, non-competitive, ‘let’s just help each other out’ art projects, instead of anything else.”

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Teresa: Artist / Educator

Teresa“It becomes difficult to juggle all these ways of survival, as an artist: how to come up with sustainable ideas for community engagement while looking after other practical areas of your life.”


DK: Fashion Designer/Artist

DK:Fashion Designer/Artist
“If you have it in you to start your own business, it’s a great feeling. It’s not easy to build a business but don’t give up on your idea.”

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PR: Artist

PR | Artist“Perhaps a consortium of artists and groups, working with the council, could have spaces allocated to them either for free or it could be in exchange for services, working with communities and providing education.”

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Lucy: Artist

Lucy“I looked up the word career in the dictionary and it states something like, ‘a commitment to something over a sustained time’. That’s my art practice.”

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Gavin: Artist

“Artists offer a place credibility – community credibility. You can’t just have regular 9-5 workers and shops. That is not a community. You’ve got to have the creative base, alongside the technical. A place does need these skills.”

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Julie: Dressmaker

“Brixton is now as such a vibrant, creative area, so support those vibrant, creative people.”

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